Students Login

Designed specifically for ITFNZ Taekwon-Do Schools, Membership Manager is the simple and effective way to keep track of your Taekwon-Do students and School.

Thats not all, Membership Manager also includes online student learning centres that are customised according to belt level. This means your students can login and learn in their own time, helping you to provide an effective teaching solution.



Access and manage your School from any location with Internet access
Add teaching notes
Single User/Multi User
NEW Special access areas for Instructors, Secretaries, Administrators, Treasurers & Accountants.
Add personal feedback to student files that they can view privately online
Add new students
Print out details in a form for ITFNZ students to be registered
Update student details
Store & track individual grading results.
Track Membership status
Overall Club/School Grading Results report
Add personal details, including photo, Join date, Date of birth, Medical conditions, Occupation
Track Activity status as Active member & Non-active member
Track student attendance
Record & View student payments. track when membership fees are due for individuals
View membership list and sort by belt level, class, age, membership status, training status, payment plan, join date
Create financial event like a grading, camp or seminar and flag students to track payments
Secure access to the Taekwon-Do learning centre for viewing resources at their belt level.
View and monitor their own personal attendance
View private instructor feedback
Login and update their own personal details